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No FUSSY CUTS on this design. 
Glitter add on abbreviations: 
Glitter T: Glitter on Top only
Glitter B: Glitter Bottom only
Glitter T&B: Glitter Top and Bottom
Add glitter color in notes at check out 
A few care tips and instructions:
The most important tip if you Drop/bang/ding your tumbler chances are you will crack the Resin.
Tumblers are not indestructible and can dent.
Depending on how damaged it may be I do offer a “fix my tumbler” fee.
Please note all Tumblers/lids get inspected and will never be sent out damage, unless I state it on a RTS post.
Tumblers are stainless steel and like any steel should not be place in microwave.
Tumblers (any brand) should not be cleaned inside dishwasher.
You may think it’s okay that one time but can cause major damage to the clear coat.
I clean my Tumblers with a soft towel or soft brush. Then I towel dry right away. 
Tumbler keep drinks cold for a long time and WILL keep hot drinks hot much longer-please be aware before you take a drink! It WILL be hot. 
Do NOT leave them in a sink full of water to soak. 
You can leave liquid inside the tumbler no problem but soaking in water can effect how long the outside coating lasts and can also make a white cloud fuzz show up. If this happens let your Tumbler sit without use for up to 4 weeks.
I do not recommend leaving the tumblers in your HOT car for many hours. The coating used has a heating degree of up to 200 degrees but again it’s not indestructible.  If it’s too hot it can soften the coating to which would never fully be hardened correctly again. If sitting in heat for a long period can also create a air bubble under the fabric. This bubble will go down after a while as well.  
Each cup is covered in FDA compliant epoxy.
NOT Microwave safe, NOT Dishwasher safe! Item may get a white fuzz if soaked or dinged.
Do not soak.
Please note that all items are handmade. There will be small imperfections due to the clear coat (lint) or the seam line. 
All Fabric tumbler will get cut each evening. Once cut item is not refundable.
Tumblers can take up to 10 weeks to ship out.
By purchasing you agree to this term.
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